An analysis of the futility of the american dream in an american tragedy

And who knows?

Families need each other for support, dependence, learning, love, encouragement, and ultimately survival. Travelling to the limits of ambition, Clyde ceases to be a commonplace representative figure—an empty-headed American boy. To the contrary, Dreiser conveys that Clyde comes to a bad end because he is an average person who believed in the American Dream and tried to make it come true. He looks much like Clyde, and Clyde's parents adopt him. At least I understand he was for a while after he left home. Like Clyde's family, Dreiser's family spawned multiple scandals. No such story is truly banal, Dreiser seems to be saying; there is only inadequate representation of what happened. As fast as it had gone the way of all webs, another was attached. Clyde's only purposeful act was to swim away after she cried for help.

I have been so lonely here. It never occurs to him that he might gain all he wants through some combination of hard work and ingenuity.

An analysis of the futility of the american dream in an american tragedy

Later on, if he proves that he is really worth while, able to take care of himself, knows his place and keeps it, and any of you wanted to show him any little attention, well, then it will be time enough to see, but not before then. An American Tragedy is a detailed portrayal of the dark side of the American Dream—the story of what can happen when an ordinary man's desire for wealth and status overwhelms his moral sense.

Dreiser clipped newspaper accounts of the case and brooded over it for years. Duffus wrote that, while "the story is far too long," still, "Mr.

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