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His sense of wonder began when he was born and persisted through out his childhood, into his adulthood.

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A perfect rainbow, within the bow one star, only of colours more vivid. The poem was written in while Wordsworth was staying at Dove Cottage with his wife.

the child is father of the man

One of the merits of a pun is that it can trigger off a series of related ideas. Early he perceives, Within himself, a measure and a rule, Which to the Sun of Truth he can apply, That shines for him, and shines for all Mankind.

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On the other hand, other critics maintain that what Wordsworth does is creating a mutual relationship between man and Nature, i. This respect and reverence for nature is on clear display in this particular piece. Wordsworth has been a fan of nature from the very start. From this it seems that, initially, William composed the poem quickly and with ease. Transcendent over time, unbound by place, Concord and Charity in circles move. He observed, The poem rests entirely upon two recollections of childhood, one that of a splendour in the objects of sense which is passed away, and the other an indisposition to bend to the law of death, as applying to our particular case. Compared to other poems, the vocabulary and meaning of this piece is relatively easy to grasp. The greater implication is that, like a parent, a child can be a great teacher and a great role model. So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; Here, the poet describes that he has always felt the same visceral, joyous reaction to a rainbow and to nature as a whole. Wordsworth was fluent in French. He wants every day to be tied together by an on going theme of love for the world. This book was so successful that it was quickly published throughout Europe and in Britain. When we see a rainbow our heart is joyous. So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die!

B Hons graduate of Birmingham University, he worked in partnership as a solicitor for over forty years. Your Virtues, such the power of grace, Their spirit, in your Children, thus approve. Or let me die!

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From this point emerge the opposing views of the critics.

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Analysis of My Heart Leaps Up by William Wordsworth