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The novel, however, starts with the ending though the reader cannot realize it until the actual end of the book and then jumps to the middle of the story. Five Indian Novelists: B.

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When Gautama, a busy, prosperous lawyer, too much engrossed in his own vocational affairs, fails to meet her demands, she feels neglected and miserable. Feasting can be identified in the excesses and opulence in the American lifestyle to which Arun is exposed.

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Most are set in the city, which comes to represent the undesirable, unimaginative reality; most also have a romantic counterpoint to the city in a hill station or an island that seems to represent the remote, romantic, ideal but is revealed to be an unreal or unsatisfying delusion. At the hearts of the novels are usually big, old houses with several verandas, green shutters, gardens, servants, and pets. Paxton Usha Bande. The narrative centers on the effect of Calcutta on Nirode and his two sisters, Monisha and Amla. He starts a magazine that fails after a brief run; his subsequent attempts to be a writer fail, too, when his brutally honest play is rejected by a theater group. It was now to be either Gautama or she. She has glamorized the past, and she now realizes that her memory has deceived her. Jungian critic Bettina Knapp, whose analysis of this novel Bande apparently did not consult, argues, by contrast, that Kaul's behavior reflects her commitment to her own spiritual growth and her efforts to recognize and heal the damage that traditional gender roles have created in her life. Khanna, Shashi. Do you believe in prophecy or prediction? How I want to love.

Anita Desai is one of the most famous Indian English novelists. New Delhi: Prestige, Even if Uma is not smart, she has a kind heart and a strong willpower, and she grows immensely in spirit throughout the life-changing events in her life, so that by the end of the novel she finds a place for herself in Indian society where she can show her individuality.

Such irreconcilably different temperaments are bound to have marital disharmony.

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A Psychological Study of Anita Desai's "Cry, the Peacock"