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Can i write a convenience check to someone else

In some cases, convenience checks come with an attractive offer. A convenience check with a low promotional interest rate could be used to pay off a balance on another credit card with a much higher interest rate. But before using a convenience check, Cunningham encourages consumers to have a repayment strategy in mind. You can write out the cents portion just as you did the dollar amount, or write the cents as a fraction, with as the denominator. Is it 3 percent or 4 percent of the amount you borrow with the check? How much of your credit limit does an issuer allow for convenience checks? How high will that APR climb once the promotional period ends? Federal law requires lenders to apply for payments above and beyond your minimum payment towards high-interest rate debts, but that doesn't do you any good unless you really pay extra. You may have a lower limit than you realize for convenience check transactions. For starters, credit card cash advance limits are often lower than your credit limit for purchases — so check the details on your available credit. They often come from a credit card company that you have an existing account with, and they are linked to that account. Go to www. Fortunately, convenience checks used for a balance transfer are not subject to the cash advance interest rate. And a techno-phobic friend may ask you to reimburse them via check. Convenience, as you might imagine, comes at a price.

How much is the fee? You just need to be very sure of your ability to pay off your transferred balance in the time period.

Credit card checks for cash

You can cash a convenience check anywhere you can cash a personal check. Keep these fees in mind when writing convenience checks, and borrow as little as possible to lower your costs. Unfortunately, this protection does not extend to purchases made with convenience checks. To encourage consumers to use convenience checks, credit card issuers might offer a lower promotional rate for a limited time or offer to waive the fee on convenience checks. Afterwards, you must pay an interest rate comparable to the rate for credit card purchases. For example, since credit card companies charge fees to businesses that use them, some businesses will pass those fees on to their customers — or won't accept credit cards for that reason. Credit card companies like to bombard consumers with special offers, and if you have a good credit score , you likely receive pre-approved credit card invitations from time to time. Depending on when you make a purchase, grace periods can be as long as 50 days. In some cases, convenience checks come with an attractive offer. Should you ever use a convenience check?

You may have a lower limit than you realize for convenience check transactions. Here are some questions to ask before you fill out one of these checks. You fill it out, sign it and cash it as a cash advance.

What is the credit limit on your card?

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Email Advertiser Disclosure: This post includes references to offers from our partners. To prevent this, call your credit card company and request to opt out of convenience checks.

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Ellen Cannon is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance website. A one-person business, like a babysitter or lawn mower may only take cash or checks. You'll just need to follow these six steps to complete a check. To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. Have a plan for payoff if that were to happen. Will you be able to pay off the amount you spend with a convenience check before the higher interest rate kicks in? Therefore, the purchase is subject to a cash advance interest rate, which is typically higher than the rate on credit card purchases.

Bottom Line Convenience checks can certainly help you save money and spend it easily. They stand to earn a lot in interest and fees when you step up your borrowing.

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