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What do you want to know and why is it important?

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Draw connections Aim to show how your personal life, your academic and professional achievements, and your future aspirations all fit together. So, by all means, seek experience, but you may want to consider a different model than the hours a week over a semester or summer that an internship or fellowship may require.

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One last piece needs his attention, however: the personal statements. A railroad car changed my life. Example of a successful personal statement The text below is a personal statement used to apply for a PhD program in History. Financial Considerations If you are seriously interested in graduate study, do not be discouraged by a lack of finances. This might be a story, a question, or just a snappy statement that makes them want to read more. Accreditation As an applicant to graduate school, you should understand the role that specialized accreditation plays in your field. Why should the admissions committee be interested in you? Ensure that each personal statement includes the correct name of the institution or program and states faculty member's names correctly. My major academic achievement to date, however, has been my senior honor thesis on John Adams' connection to the Classics.

It took me one year to realize that a graduate school is a good choice for me to continue my journey. To do this, you could spend some quality time on LinkedIn stalking the career paths of various people and decide to set up a meeting with a professional who is doing work that you have determined is interesting and with whom you now want to begin making active contact.

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Moving down the continuum a bit more, you may have attended a career panel or some sort of organized event where you have talked to a person or a number of people about their career -- a slightly higher method of engagement. Write it yourself; don't steal--or borrow--someone else's words. I want to get my doctorate in history so I can deepen not only my understanding of the lives and events gone by, but deepen the understanding of others as well. Fellowships are prestigious awards given selectively. Review several published graduate program ratings such as the one published by the Conference Board of Associated Research Councils. Developing one is a process that takes time, persistence, and revision. If you got top marks for your thesis, describe the research process and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the topic. Read more by. How complete are the library collections, computer resources, and other facilities? Remember the continuum of engagement framing. These will let you know all your strengths,but more importantly, it will also tell you your weaknesses. The federal government will sometimes make graduation from an accredited program a hiring requirement. You get the idea, and you may have already participated in this level of engagement.

Follow these tips to make your application the best it can be. People typically view an internship as the only or best way to explore a career. Your personal statement should clearly express your understanding of what graduate school is about and how the graduate degree will build upon your previous experiences toward the attainment of your career goals.

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For example, you may have read about a career online, or watched a video.

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Personal Statement for Graduate School