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This column looks at the seven clusters into which the Career Woman Lab has categorized Japanese career women.

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Failure is a stepping-stone to success, especially if you are trying something new. As you can see, career women vary considerably in their attitudes to consumption, work, and communication. As you rise higher in a workplace, you will get more control which will ultimately lead to success.

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They have active love lives and have their lives all planned out. No matter how crazy your ideas might seem right now, believe in your abilities and fight to get your voice heard. The first thing those women do is surround themselves with other ambitious women who also share the same ambitions and strive to succeed.

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She also loves camping and finding peace in the great outdoors. Schedule Some Alone Time Most women tend to put housework and domestic responsibilities above their own needs. By getting rid of all the negative energy will provide room for fresh, new energy that you can harness and transfer into your work. As the graphs show, the women in this cluster care very little about work or romance and live for their interests. Perhaps they can meet better-quality men that way? They tap all forms of media to gather information, and make full use of comparison-shopping sites. Doing so will give you the confidence and the drive you need to carry out your idea. That very question set off quite a discussion among the members of the Career Woman Lab. They believe that being in the workforce is the key to personal growth and a fulfilling personal life; they have little desire to become homemakers. On the occupational front, quite a few are in demanding career-track positions. As the graphs show, trend followers have high ideals ambitions for their love live and lifestyle but are dissatisfied with their present circumstances. This cluster accounts for Successful women know they cannot do everything right all the time; they accept it and learn from it.

Successful women know they cannot do everything right all the time; they accept it and learn from it. When shopping they choose with their own eyes. They like to be able to experience the latest trends without spending lots of money.

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Sometimes living a luxury lifestyle even just for a week or ten days can put you in that mindset necessary for great success.

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