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To try to hide this, most of my information is coming from one source Main Source I made it out of zeros and dollar signs. We did it. Are you writing your paper? Thomas Jefferson looks annoyed. The dinosaurs face typical office problems such as rushing to meet deadlines and trying to decide what to have for lunch while also facing less typical problems such as asteroid warnings on the news, volcano drills, and corporate takeovers. ISBN

Nerd alert was a similar show performed in the style of a talk show hosted by Jeff Rubin and Brian Murphy who is the editor of dorkly. As she is a bit of a tomboythe guys on staff treat her like a sister.

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BearShark[ edit ] A traditionally animated series that features a bear and a shark teaming up to eat a man named Steve, and always succeeding though Steve always comes back , only for them to slowly develop a friendship with him. It is scrolled down so the previous last line is now at the top of the page. From the prosthetic, Ruben spontaneously creates a character which Pat then interviews. Everyone is holding quills. Imagine if everyone who saw it did that! Dutton Adult. Badman[ edit ] A series that parodies the Christopher Nolan Batman films. There is no single "star" of the show; rather, the nine main characters function as an ensemble. The most similar to an actual network TV series among the Dropout. We see underneath Benjamin Franklin's stout, very large signature, he is writing his own quote, "'Follow Your Dreams! She is often the sole voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic office. No longer will we suffer King George's tyranny.

He hands Thomas Jefferson the envelope. Their dysfunctional relationship was created and cultivated in their online video series Jake and Amir. This is gonna be a historical document someday!

Thomas Jefferson points to a quote underneath "Cheers!

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The series was written, directed, and produced by Derek Westerman. A series that revolves around the life of Mary-Kate Olsen played by Elaine Carrolla rich young woman who is heir to Woody Allenand her sensible bodyguard. The letter J is lower case and topped with a heart.

He reacts to the search depending on the person searching and the actual question. Cameos of other website personas include WebMD and Bing. After procrastinating for several hours I have completely lost my train of thought add Citation Later.

A stapler sound effect brings everyone back into the room.

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He wants nothing more than to be best friends with Jake. We see shredder.

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It does it automatically! Jeff Jeffrey "Jeff" Rubin , managing editor and video game fanatic, has a more "go with the flow" attitude. Everyone is looking at John Adams. The two later founded the HeadGum podcast network in , which now comprises over 40 different podcasts Sarah Schneider became a staff writer on Saturday Night Live in , before serving as head writer for the series' 42nd season from — He wants nothing more than to be best friends with Jake. Streeter Streeter Seidell , the front page editor, is moodier than the rest of the writers and is prone to emitting a signature whine when he doesn't get his way. Wikipedia Page: Relevant Topic is a piece of information that is actually useful for your current goal of finishing this damn paper. Looks like the sun does set on the British Empire. This is gonna be a historical document someday!
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