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Humans aren't very good at being forgiving, especially in atmospheres that are essentially competitive you've seen The Hunger Games surely. For a website to be successful and achieve profitability, one must be able to monetize it, to make money out of the thousands β€”or millions- of people who visit it each month.

It was only after the battle for users had been won that Google started to monetize its search engine.

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The second is a self-serve ad network that generates revenue off that search engine and the many digital assets Google owns. One way to make money while making the user happy is to offer a new type of content. YouTube has tackled this problem by: Launching the YouTube partner program geared towards semi- professional uploaders who receive a compensation for their work Striking deals with major content providers such as television networks, cinema studios and sports organizations: Warner, Sony BMG, BBC, CBS, etc.

However, Google as a company has grown far beyond search. Google, though, says its most successful employees want their work to matter. The practical truth is that this doesn't happen even half as often as it should.

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This applies to infrastructures - a system must be ready for high loads β€” as well as to business models β€” a product must be adapted for a very important number of customers. What is important is to include phrases, synonyms and variations related to your topic. Advertisers represent the money side.

And often, the pages remain atop the rankings even if they never earn many links. Since YouTube videos are mainly very short clips, the perception of the obtrusiveness of these ads would only increase and be a nuisance for the user.

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Google key success factors :