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Scenarios are about role playing the future. Test your odds here. With access to virtually unlimited information from the Internet, the students would face the same kind of challenges that confront real managers in gathering data, analyzing the situation, developing options, and making managerial decisions. These real-world projects are similar to labs in engineering school, giving students hands-on experience in applying the fundamentals they learned in the lecture courses. During their time at the School, students study and prepare over cases. She says case studies are less useful for technical skills in ever higher demand, such as artificial intelligence. We have far fewer people asking which choices are the right decisions. As you are reading through cases, you should learn how to identify relevant facts and key problems. Better than lectures. The more important thing then is that MBAs learn the foundations. Vice Dean Amir Ziv asserts in an interview with Forbes that sometimes cases are not the best way to present a simple problem because they are time consuming and often artificial. This evidently does not give much time for an in-depth analysis and so relies on the seminar leader to make sure the important aspects of each case are reached promptly. This classroom interaction is enriched by ninety classmates from diverse industries, functions, countries, and experiences.

These cases are given to the students in advance of the seminar and it is up to the individuals to work out and clearly propose their solution. One cannot imagine teaching a course in physics using the case method.

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The cases are short, but are meant to be comprehensive for the following case conversation. And who are the stakeholders? First, read the entire first page, then the first line of each paragraph, and then all of the exhibits to orient yourself.

As you are developing your solutions, make a list of pros and cons for each solution, and above all, make sure the solutions are realistic.

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Ask: what is the decision that has to be made? Is the traditional case method the most efficient and effective way for students to learn the material in these courses?

Understand that cases are each meant to stand alone as a document, and so they include a lot of extra detail that anyone with Google can just look up for themselves.

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