My proposal as a solution to prevent car accidents

how to not get into a car accident

It's a black an white situation. If govt cuts a bit of porkbarelling to farmers, construction and N energy companies it would have enough to subsidize public transport for elderly who give up their license.

If you want to get ageist then by far the most dangerous drivers are new drivers and young males aged under Closed weekends.

We are extra cautious exiting our drive way, probably more than most people since we continually have to watch for kids as they try balancing on the curb as they walk along side our fence in the blind spot from where we park. Inan estimated 9, people died unnecessarily because they were not wearing seat belts.

how to avoid fatal car accidents

This IS Japan! Not even counting all the scammers trying to fleece the older folks within Japan, which makes one believe does Japan really care at all about the older folks or is it really just PR.

If you cannot see the truck''s side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you.

How to reduce road accidents essay

But that does not mean we free them to face same result. Let's have more unbiased reporting. Do not tailgate. Top 8 Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents Top 8 Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents When you are in your vehicle, you want to know that you are as safe as you can be, and that you are doing everything you possibly can to avoid getting into accidents. Scan 12 seconds ahead. After the accident - Keep calm and avoid panic. So many people are needlessly injured or killed every year in Ontario. The tips include; Keep your eyes on the road Never use your cell phone Never, ever drink and drive Follow speed limits and four others. Yes, young people do have accidents and some people will die. Until construction is completed, find an alternate route to wherever you are going to avoid the risk of having an accident.
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Road Accidents