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Job satisfaction literature review 2017

When the full-text was not available trough LibraryLit of Academic Search Premier, a search for the electronic journals through the TWU Online Catalog was done; when this did not produce positive results, a title search on Google was done. Some of the organization stress symptoms witnessed are high absenteeism, high staff turnover, poor morale, reduced safety, and reduced operational capability. There is however one article McHenry discussing the motivation of volunteers. N, Groysberg. It is considered that there are probably half as many more that was not located due to the defaults of the searches described. You can go back to school [proposed ALA continuing education program]. Lee, H. While this study presented some structural flaws the author found that in general librarians or non-MLS staff are generally satisfied in the state. J,

Satisfied employees who feel fairly treated by and are trusting of the organization are more willing to engage in behaviors that go beyond the normal expectations of their job. When recruiting employees, it is therefore important that a mixture of age groups is brought on board; each age group has something to offer to the organization but for sustainability or continuity, having older people is helpful especially in mentoring the younger ones into staying focused.

Lanier, P. While textbooks and websites, less so are acknowledged and will be explained in the Conclusion as a valid medium for this subject, journal articles will primarily be discussed in this context.

recent studies on job satisfaction(review of literature) 2014

They are composed of emotion, thought and behaviors. Oyler, Patricia G.

recent studies on job satisfaction(review of literature) 2017

Thornton, J. As a result of the above searches for literature on job satisfaction in libraries approximately eighty-one articles were located. Library Journal v. L, Journal of Academic Librarianship, JulyVol.

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Job Satisfaction, A Literature Review