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You know, anyone can do them in their own home with a donor and a blender and some tubing…You hear stories about people doing fecal transplants for, say, kids with autism, and I think this is a potential problem.

The Edmund Scientific catalog — with its thrilling pictures of Van de Graaf generators, telescopes, and Geiger counters — was my bible.

As a kid, science was an important part of my nerdy regime, but I never actually considered becoming a scientist. Thursday, June 14, The human body contains trillions of microorganisms, making every individual his or her own unique ecosystem.

I think fecal transplants would be at the top of that very, very short list, perhaps the only thing on that list. They are the dominant form of life on this planet.

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This is the idea that if you give people stool from healthy donors, you can transplant it into people who are sick and they will get better. In college I was preoccupied with writing, cranking out so-so short stories and interning for a local paper one summer. This has only really been well-established for Clostridium difficile infections, but I think the evidence is strong…But even for C.

science writer ed yong science
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Ed Yong and the Craft of Science Writing