Strategic development study on corporate history management essay

Companies continued to diversify as conglomerates until the s, when deregulation and a less restrictive anti-trust environment led to the view that a portfolio of operating divisions in different industries was worth more as many independent companies, leading to the breakup of many conglomerates.

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Executives could have managers start by participating in strategic thinking with community groups and local businesses Goldman, Consequently, organisational change cannot be separated from organisational strategy, or vice versa Burnes, ; Rieley et al This is because each manager has his own style and character of executing plans.

Typically, the plan is organization-wide or focused on a major function such as a division or a department. He addressed fundamental strategic questions in a book The Practice of Management writing: " The plan takes on a broad perspective of the organization and is accomplished through strategic thinking which draws upon the past, understands the present, and envisions a better future.

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The five stages of a strategic management process will ensure that management will first develop an appropriate strategy based on the goals and vision of the company as well as the state of the competition, and then execute the strategy with the entire company on the same page

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Strategic Planning Essay