The needless complexity of academic writing

Personally, I relate to this notion because so many require reading assignments in my English class utilize phrases that take the long way to say something simple. Bosley, a clear-writing consultant and former University of North Carolina English professor.

Take this example: The work of the text is to literalize the signifiers of the first encounter, dismantling the ideal as an idol. Academic writing is a fraught and mysterious thing. This de-idealization follows the path of reification, or, to invoke Augustine, the path of carnalization of the spiritual.

However, it's not my area of expertise, so I can only voice a suspicion. This article causes me to conflict with two separate ideas; the density of academic writing should be changed to allow a larger audience, or the density of academic writing is justified due to its targeting of people who have preexisting knowledge of the topic.

Obviously, clear communication continues to elude some. Academic writing has a more ambiguous mission. As in journalism, good jobs are scarce —but, unlike in journalism, professors are their own audience.

A Sentimental Education does little more than elaborate the progressive literalization of the Annunciation.

formal academic writing

A lot of academics also publish blogs, documented software packages, etc. In academia, by contrast, all the forces are pushing things the other way, toward insularity. But they don't. Others say that academics have traditionally been forced to write in an opaque style to be taken seriously by the gatekeepers—academic journal editors, for example.

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The Ig Nobel Prize and Other Efforts to Eradicate Complex Academic Writing