The strory of kupe

This was how he began: The thunder crashes, the lightning flashes over Taihoro-nuku-rangi. My treasure departs, garmentless from me.


Surrounding Kupe's settlement were the traditional fishing grounds where Kupe and his tribe caught their fish. When your canoes are finished you had better marry so that your journey to Hawaiki-nui will be tapu 4 Presently you will have set out on the journey of the spirits of the old people.

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When this was finished it was called Mahutu-rangi Heavenly-Mahutuits carving being Moko-tukupu-waananga-o-Ruaiwhekerangi. Now watch the glow of the tail of the Pleiades, as they touch the horizon.

The canoes were to be for their voyage to Hawaiki-nui Great Hawaiki to see their grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, and junior sisters, 3 for Toto's wife and also his mother were from that place. Pou-poto had come back again because Kupe had sent him. We are told that he laid down his spear tao across the Strait, but that the strong current swept it aside, and so the would-be bridging feat ended in disaster.

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It is said that there were few people on the canoe on the return to Hawaiki and not long after Kupe arrived at Hawaiki-rangi a great war broke out there. She was the elder sister of Moana-waiwai, the second wife of Tomo-whare. After this they started in pursuit of the octopus, going on to the mouth of Te Whanganui-a-Tara Port Nicholsonon the west side of which their canoes landed.

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The Story of Kupe and the Wheke a Muturangi