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A thesis in one of these areas may include how special education teachers can help children with a specific disorder, how special needs students learn, specific modes of education or how schools match a student's needs with the right classroom setting.

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Utilizing in-depth phenomenological interviews and photography, this study A potential thesis topic in this area may focus on how collaborative teaching arrangements can impact and benefit special education teachers.

External factors e. A thesis topic may include how an inclusive environment can help or hinder students with specific disorders, such as autism or downs syndrome, as well as placement trends for mainstreaming.

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Specific Students Approaching a thesis in special education may mean choosing one specific disorder or delay, such as autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. The National Education for Education Statistic's "Fast Facts" on inclusive settings shows that in the school year, roughly 95 percent of special education students ages 6 through 21 attended a regular school.

Ideas in this area include detailed subjects, such as co-teaching with a paraprofessional, collaborations between teachers and other professionals such as speech-language therapists, and working in an inclusive classroom with other educators.

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A number of systems barriers have Inclusive Settings All children ages 3- through years-old with disabilities and delays have the right to a free public school education, according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

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Dissertations for Special Education