Writing a book for kindle

Checking sales metrics and stats. As a fiction author it means studying the most successful books in your genre, and deconstructing why readers of the genre love them.

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Scrivener can even automatically export a very nicely formatted version off for direct Kindle publishing MOBI file , whereas in Word I believe you must use code to do so. Pick a Broad Niche In order to pick a niche , I have just a couple of simple rules. See What's Working for Competitors If you want to know what book titles sell well, why not just go over to Amazon and start browsing the best sellers in various categories? Please share these how-to steps on your preferred social media platform. I highly recommend that you go and check out the demo video here , it's very powerful. This is an entirely preventable problem that I learned the hard way. Your subsequent books might run pages. It is advisable to try and get your followers onto an email list, of course. Concise writing is better if it gets the job done.

You can always come back to refine and edit later. In non-fiction, mention them in the text when appropriate. If you are, check out ACX here.

writing a book for kindle

This is way above the 10, threshold that I mentioned earlier. Genre hoppers find it very hard to build an audience.

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Seeing my success cascade with guest posts like this, increased e-mail sign ups, and more is really inspiring. Aim for a sub page book.

They get messed up, jumbled, and split on to different pages… especially on mobiles.

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You can potentially fill a void of information or give a different twist to a tired topic. You could use the same general strategy with a children's book or fiction books as well.

There is one super simple way to get a few more reviews.

How to write a book

See the image below. This step is so important. Many people advocate passing your manuscript to your friends and family. Take your top three or four best ideas, and try to narrow the topics further into sub-niches. Scrivener is made for screenplays and large amounts of text. Which links nicely to my next point. There were many more books under this topic, several with high rankings. Numbers Can Work Well Numbers in your title or subtitles can work very well.
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How to Publish on Kindle